Bunda Cliffs

The Bunda Cliffs are one of the most awe-inspiring sea cliffs in the world and are a dramatic display of the edge of the Australian continent. They will enchant the travellers’ eyes and make their visit utterly memorable.

Bunda-CliffsThe magnificent Bunda Cliffs extend approximately 100km along the Great Australian Bight from Border Village to the east of Head of Bight. The cliffs were formed when Australia separated from Antarctica approximately 65 million years ago and are made up of fossiliferous limestone called Wilson Limestone. This limestone is made up of a white chalky material up to 300m thick and was once part of an ancient seabed.

bunda cliffs2The limestone slab which forms the Nullarbor Plan and extends far inland has many layers. Some of those layers are made up of marine sediment and others incorporate marine fossils including worms and molluscs which indicate their marine origin. The sheer cliffs vary from 60m to 120m above sea level and are capped by a hardened layer of windblown sand laid down between 1.6  million and 100,000 year ago.